"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Time Management

“How do you find time to do ... [xyz]?”
I get this question a lot, especially lately that I have started to do even more than usual. I think people don’t realize how long the day actually is. However, if it helps, this is my “secret”:


Chess players wanted

If you're a chess player who works in the NY area, you may want to join the NY Bankers Athetlic League Chess division (BAL). Contact me for details, but essentially it's a 4 player format with A and B divisions which have various rating caps.
It's fun and we play twice a month on Thursdays.
Send me a note!


Happy birthday friends

Birthday paradox
If you choose 367 people at random, the probability of 2 having the same birthday reaches to 100%. Birthday Problem on Wikipedia
With the number of friends and people I've known in my life, how come 4 people were born Feb 27!!
Happy belated birthday to all. However, in this day I remember my mom, who's birthday was today and she would've been 61 had she not passed so suddenly 5 years ago. She definitely lives through me though because I certainly uphold her values on every action I take.

(Si eliges 367 personas al azar, la probabilidad que dos tengan en mismo día de cumpleaños asciende a 100%. Con el número de personas que he conocido y están en mi Facebook, ¿cómo es posible que conozca 4 personas que nacieron Feb 27?. Felicidades a todos.
En este día yo recuerdo a mi madre quien tuviera 61 años de edad si no hubiese fallecido tan súbitamente hacen 5 años. Ella definitivamente vive al través de mi porque yo mantengo los valores que me enseñó y los aplico a diario en cada acción que cometo.)


Minecraft server on Ubuntu with systemd

Minecraft Logo

In this previous article, I described how to setup Minecraft with Ubuntu versions previous to 15.04, which by default allowed you to run upstart in user mode to start services and respawn as necessary. Refer to wiki SystemdForUpstartUsers if you want to get a better understanding on how systemd differs from upstart and ArchLinux wiki if you would like to get information on how systemd --user works.

In this article, we'll create the service using the newer systemd, which is now the de-facto system service (/sbin/init with process ID 1) on many Linux distributions and for Ubuntu it starts in version 15.04 (to be released in 2015-04, i.e. April). Please be sure to review the first article as you will need to do some steps from that first.


Hamlet - No podrás olvidar (sencillo)

Hamlet's latest single, "No podras olvidar" (You won't be able to forget) from his salsa collection 2015.

El último sencillo de Hamlet, "No podrás olvidar" de su colección de salsa para el 2015.

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