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phpWebLogger src available: GPL

phpWeblogger source is here and the information about it is in the next page, keep reading...

phpWeblogger esta aqui y la informacion esta en la proxima pagina, sigue

phpWeblogger screen shot:

Test drive! (SourceForge): User: guest; Password:
phpWeblogger is a simple, general purpose log
administrator that uses MySQL as it's backbone. It's main usage is just
for that: simple logging using plain text. So far we have
used it to keep track of Help Desk tasks for major
webcasting events, and to keep track or work done,
commands used, etc... Very general, and overall
simple to use.
It's written on PHP,
with very few JavaScript code. It runs almost the same
in all browsers, yes even Lynx! No need for cookies or
anything of that sort, even though for security reasons
that feature might be included in a later release (or you
can implemented yourself and submit a patch to
webmaster@latinomixed.com ).
You can customize the look and feel of the
phpWeblogger. Passwords are encrypted, and user
permissions are implemented (basic) so that you can
have multiple users using the same logs.

As of now phpWeblogger is very very new (buggy?) and
we know it needs some major coding to get it to be fully
funtional. Please after getting the code check the
README file and the TODO file. README explains
everything about installing and configuring
phpWeblogger. Enjoy!


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