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Fortune-MOD new for MacOS X

Fortune-mod if a "Message of the day" utility that does just that: displays a new random message everytime you login to your computer. This is a port of the famous program to MacOS X. You can get the source here and the compiled binary here. For the binary just do "tar -xzvf fortune-mod-2002-01-04-bin.tar.gz" and then go into the fortune-mod-bin-DATE directory and do "make install"; for the source cd into the directory and do "make && make install". After that edit your /etc/bashrc file (for bash users) with a line like:

if [ -x /usr/local/games/fortune -a "$PS1" ]; then
# change the percentage as you please
/usr/local/games/fortune %90 MS-FORTUNES all

Note: This version includes the MS-FORTUNES database that includes insults to the Windowz operating system with lines like "Windows 98 is the most popular virus on the market today." :-)



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