"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Apple Computer gets grammy!

A never before heard grammy was awarded to Apple ®: a technical GRAMMY award.
"Apple was honored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with a Technical GRAMMY Award for its outstanding technical contributions to the music industry and recording field. This is the first Technical GRAMMY ever awarded to a PC company."
We all know the impact that Macintoshes have had in every aspect of computing, from the introduction of the mouse, until today's 'digital hub' where all devices plug right into your box with no problem and you can sync+rip+encode+save and keep going without having to worry about crazy drivers not being there, or any of the other million quirks that only us who deal with computers daily can actually solve... Too frustrating for novice computer users. However, Apple computers are not just for novices, but for serious professionals as well, as seen by all those who use their Mac to make a living (not just for playing Unreal Tournament as we tend to do when we feel bored ;-) )


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