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Darwin Streaming Server

According to this Network Computing well written article, it seems that Apple's Open Source Streaming Server blew the competition away this time! Network Computing's article details and rates the different streaming servers from companies such as Real Media, Microsoft, and Apple, in terms of price (TCO), quality and performance.
Apple's Streaming Server "edged out" Real Media Server (Apple .gif | Real Media .gif) and outperform Windows Media Server by far (No Graph).
How can you get more information on Apple's free Streaming Server:

Before doing anything, read the APSL and the FAQ.
Apple's Open Source Streaming Server allows streaming of MPG-4 (ISO compliant), MP3 (Icecast-compatible protocols), and QuickTime among others. It runs on Apple's free Darwin OS, and it's sibling MacOS X, and binaries for RedHat, Solaris, WinNT/2000 also exists (acceptance of APSL needed).


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