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Linux Bootable Business Card ( BBC )

What to do when your hard drive fails and you didn't make a bootable floppy disk ever for your computer ?
We all face this dilemma sooner or later. However, with modern day computers being able to boot from CDs, it's natural that the first thing one would to is attempt to boot from the CD of the given linux distro that you use to install the system. Well, that solves part of the problem, if your bootable CD actually let's you drop to a shell and you can type the needed commands. Another even better alternative is the LNX-BBC project.
What to do next? READ ON...

This project started from the same roots that the LinuxCare project started doing BBC before. However, these are the original developers of that project who went on to form this new company. Basically, the idea is that in a 50MB space of a factory cut CD ROM, the LNX-BBC project crammed up as many tools as needed to get the system back up after either a terrible hardware failure, or after a malicious cracker intrusion!The CD no only boots the machine, but tries to mount all partitions it recognizes; it has all or most of the network drivers needed to get your networking components running, so that you can use all your favorite tools to connect to other servers like SSH, Rsync, etc...
All in all, this is a very good concept, and a very good help for those of us who simply forget to make bootable disks when prompted to do so during a Linux instalation.


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