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-- Jorge Guillén

Ubuntu 11.10 is out!

The new release of Ubuntu Linux version 11.10 has been released today. We complaint about its features (or lack thereof) but the fact is that this is a daunting task to accomplish this milestone every 6 months! That said, kudos to the developers, Canonical, the Debian people, and all the volunteers like me who report issues, submit patches, and comment about the operating system.

Ubuntu Software Center

For those of you still unfamiliar with Ubuntu, this is an alternative operating system for computers and mobile devices which, like the Mac, is based on the UNIX operating system -- yep, the same that was co-invented by now diseased Dennis Ritchie (R.I.P.)

This new release improves on existing ones by adding new features and being a lot more stable.

Take the guided tour where you will be able to interact with the OS via your web browser -- or some mock ups, but it feels awesome.


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