"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Time saving tip of the day: Twitter favorites

Say that you found this awesome article online and you want to read it, but you don't have the time... There are apps that allow you to save this and read it offline later -- they even synchronize between devices. However, if you do not feel like paying $1 or $5 for this simple minded apps, then you can use Twitter favorites to your advantage!

  1. copy the link and post it on your twitter feed (which you will do anyway, but then it will be buried in your timeline)
  2. click on the "favorite" icon (star) on your Twitter feed
  3. on your mobile device, go to your favorites whenever you have the time to read the said articles

This serves a double-sword purpose (or triple!): it increases your quality tweets (hopefully, at least volume will increase), it allows you to follow back on important stuff, and lastly, it gives something about you to your followers (people do see your favorites after all).


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