"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Feeling well: vegetarianism improves memory much more than exercise alone

Every November I'm reminded of the very important choice I made 21 years ago to change my diet for one that avoids eating dead animal flesh. Being a vegetarian has incredible benefits, even more than I anticipated when I made that choice. The first such benefits was the improved memory which I began to notice almost immediately.

Read this article from the NY Times describing how exercise helps improve memory by reducing fat deposits from your brain.

It turns out that fat deposits in the brain, as well as concentrations of fat in the bloodstream, damages the areas of your brain that are associated with memory. 21 years ago, as a straight "A" student, I spent most of my time reading and writing with an almost insatiable appetite for knowledge. So getting more knowledge crammed in my head was important, but remembering quicker and longer was even more so.

I encourage people to avoid eating fat as much as possible, not just for their brain health but for so many other benefits surrounding the circulatory system (cardio-vascular in particular). If you cannot keep a strict vegetarian diet, you could at least commit to eating less animals or not eating meat on particular days of the week. Meatless Mondays seems like a hip trading term these days. Hopefully as you start to see your health improving, you might commit to longer periods without meat and might even stop it altogether as you get used to yummier and healthier choices.


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