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Citrix 12.1 for Ubuntu

From the a-better-howto dept. (6240) (0) by Luis

Finally there are real instructions for how to get the always broken Citrix packages unto a 64bit Ubuntu system: Ubuntu Help: Citrix How-To

Essentially the problem is that after downloading the client you get:

Setting up icaclient (12.1.0) ...
dpkg: error processing icaclient (--configure):
 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2
Setting up libmotif4:amd64 (2.3.3-5ubuntu2) ...
Processing triggers for libc-bin ...
ldconfig deferred processing now taking place
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

The "fix" is to do this:

  1. sudo vi /var/lib/dpkg/info/icaclient.postinst
  2. Go to line 2648 and change this line echo $Arch|egrep "i[0-9]86" >/dev/null to echo $Arch|egrep -E "i[0-9]86|x86_64" >/dev/null
  3. sudo dpkg --configure -a

For good measure, you should read the instructions posted above so you can resolve other known issues.


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