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Using Windows from Linux via FreeRDP

So you have to actually use a Windows desktop for some internal application for which there is no similar application on Linux? You have no choice but to run windows either on a virtual machine or a physical machine, and then use some for of OOB (out of band) remote control to manage it?

No problem! This is a simple tip that would create a seamless FreeRDP Window screen embeded in one of your Linux Gnome 3 workspaces:

  1. Create a GnuPG encrypted document with your password ~/Documents/Private.gpg
  2. sudo apt-get install xfreerdb-x11
  3. Create a script called ~/bin/windows

    xfreerdp --sec nla --ignore-certificate -d mydomain -u myuser
    -p $(gpg -d < ~/Documents/Private.gpg 2>&1|tail -1) -x l --plugin cliprdr
    --gdi hw -g 100% -D -x 100 -x 80 x.x.x.x &

Note: make sure this command is on a single line

Now when you execute windows it will open a screen that fits nicely in an workspace area.

FreeRDP screenshot


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