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Running remote applications from Linux on a Windows system using FreeRDP

As stated previously on my FreeRDP article, the xfreerdp command line utility is very useful as it allows you to run a full Windows desktop from your Linux system.

Sometimes you just want to run a single, i.e. arbitrary, application from your Windows server or desktop, inside Linux. For this you can use the RemoteApp, or rail, plugin

Here is an example on how to run a terminal, cmd.exe, from your Windows desktop using xfreerdp on Linux:

xfreerdp -u Administrator -p Password --app --plugin rail --data "%windir%\system32\cmd.exe" -- mywindows.local

Where mywindows.local is the hostname or IP for your Windows desktop. Note that you may use variables substitutions as defined in your user's environment under Windows. Very neat!

Be sure to checkout the documentation on Github for example usage and changes.


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