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How to synchronize your iOS notes to your Mac or iCloud?

Once upon a time you could simple plug in your Apple iOS device to your computer and it will magically sync everything up for you. Then later Apple changed things so that the only way you could do this is to "plug" to the cloud. However, what happens if you missed the boat and you still have a lot of Notes in your "On my phone" folder for your Notes.app? Well, this is a bit of a hack to get this sync done:

iExplorer for Mac

  1. Get a copy of the Mac application iExplorer or use Ubuntu Linux
  2. Plug in your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc..) to your Mac or PC
  3. Open iExporer (click Continue with Demo) and surf to iTunes Backups or Backups > Notes
  4. Click on Export all notes, which will ask you to pay a license for iExplorer, or if you're on a budget you may Copy/Paste on your Mac to your Notes app
  5. If your're using Ubuntu you will be able to Browse the filesystem of the iOS and the Notes directly


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