"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Time Management

“How do you find time to do ... [xyz]?”
I get this question a lot, especially lately that I have started to do even more than usual. I think people don’t realize how long the day actually is. However, if it helps, this is my “secret”:

  1. Don’t be lazy: get up and go if you need to do something. Sloth needs to be removed from your system
  2. Calendars: yes, plural, your mobile devices have many tools for time management. If you schedule something in the right calendar, be sure to do it on time when the alert comes
  3. Sleep: you can’t do anything or learn new things if you’re tired. Sleep your full amount of time (for you that might be 8 hours. For me is 5-6 on average). You should never feel stressed or restless. And yes, you cannot “catch up on your sleep” later. Sleep now, not in the future!
  4. Own your success and failure: don’t blame others, or things outside your control, for your failure to do something. Just like you own your success, own your failures. Get up and plan better for the next time.

I’ll keep it at this for now as this summarizes things nicely. I’m sure there is plenty of reading material to help you know yourself better. This is what works for me.

Now, as a matter of self promotion, maybe to inspire others, here is a list of things in no particular order than I’m doing now:

  • expanding my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning
  • learning statistics from scratch
  • using sentiment to influence my understanding of financial markets to make me a better (long term) investor
  • captain of the chess team at work (play every friday and some thursday’s)
  • president of the Bankers Athletic Chess League (BAL Chess)
  • playing the Debevoise chess rapid tournament and BAL chess tournament (10 min games and 1 min games)
  • training Muay Thai (3 to 4 days)
  • boxing classes (1 day)
  • piano classes (❤️), which means daily practice
  • learning Mandarin (2 years now) reading and writing as well as speak

And many more things that I think we all do like raising 3 children, keeping a household, etc...

Yes, I use Siri a lot! “she” is my assistant to edit my calendars and various reminders.


  • J

    Excellent. I’d suggest healthy eating and self assessment to understand what traps a person to procrastinate!

    2018-11-02 14:30:41 UTC

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