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-- Jorge Guillén

Mono: *NIX response to .Net?

One of the biggest issues that we as developers face all the time is what tool does best what we want to get done. Certainly we will use what gets things done in a more efficient way, and what would be able to be re-use for future jobs. Some of us did not really like Java because of the many unhuman-like things that a developer had to do to get things done, and the uncertainty that it might be supported in all platforms as promised. What makes Microsoft think that .Net would be supported better than Java was? One could see the advantage of writing programs that compile in a byte-code platform-independent way. However, is not this what Java was supposed to do in the first place? Well, .Net is a different animal. You can read more about .Net and what it really is from this article in Ars Technica. Many people argue that for .Net to be supported fully by developers, it will have to run the same way in Unix, and this is where Mono comes to live. This article at eWeek talks about Miguel de Icaza view when he created the, so far, only .Net compiler for Linux under a project they called 'Mono'. Mono was finally able to compile itself under Linux (written in C#). This is a very good news for those following the support on *NIX? for .Net.


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