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RSS for Developers

From the look-ma-i-can-xml-too dept. (2976) (0) by Luis

The constant grow of the internet makes it almost impossible to share information between servers. For one part is the difference of protocols used for the communication, and the other part is the actual markup language used for two servers to transmit the bits needed to maintain fresh content. HTTP is the internet de facto protocol, and that took care of that part of the problem. What about the markup language? Long gone are the days that data entry could be done with punch cards or even by hand. Nowadays that the information is a lot more, faster methods for syncing servers are needed. As a solution of this problem came RSS?. RSS is basically written in XML?, thus making the data transfer between two servers easier to manage. DevShed has this, very well written, article on RSS and how to implemented using PHP?.


How strong is Mandrake 8.2 security?

From the hack-this-bad-boy dept. (3273) (0) by Luis

Sec33 has this article talking about a project they call 'Simple Simon'. Basically, this one line explains it "Simple Simon (online FREE hacking server)". This project runs on various flavors of linux, and even Win32's OSes. It shows how strong Mandrake 8.2 security really is by inviting people to go and try to crack the server.


Encryption: su importancia

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La importancia de proteger la identidad propia se esta haciendo mucho más importante hoy día gracias a la internet. Claro, no solo via la internet se es necesario proteger la identidad. Los robos de identidad son más menudos y las formas de conseguir la identidad de uno siguen siendo las mismas, con la adición de la internet -- que es el medio más rápido y menos personal. Una de las formas de combatir el robo de identidad es utilizando algún software que codifique el tráfico digital de una computadora a otra, por ejemplo a traves de mensajes electrónicos. Este artículo habla de GnuPG y su importancia ahora que Network Associates' PGP esta siendo descontinuado.


StarOffice 6

From the Finally-a-juicy-replacement-for-MS-Office dept. (3052) (0) by Luis

We know it. You are a business person, or work in a corporate environment and you need certain tools to get your work done. In order to get your precious work typed/printed/emailed/etc you need to get a way to do those things on your computer. Contrary to most people's believe, Microsoft Office does not come with Windows ®. You have to buy that package, usually for hundreds of dollars. However, what if you choose to go with a inexpensive package that does what you need? Then when your clients start sending you attachments you might be frustrated to know that your 'inexpensive' substitute really did not cut the job. Well, those days are over. Now we have been saved by the open source community, and by people like Sun Microsystems ®. You can get an array of products that read and write natively to Microsoft's formats ( Excell ®, Word ®, Powerpoint ®, etc..). Read below for more.
[2002-03-27 12:49 -05:00 UTC] Read this article on how to use your existing MS Office in Linux thanks to the folks at CodeWeavers.


LatinoMixed.com New Look

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LatinoMixed.com has a deserved new look! Why? Because we believe in being innovative. We believe in Open Source projects. And because we can! If for some reason you like the old look better (because it's faster on your PPP connection for instance), you can always go back to it by setting your Skin: Classic. If you have something to say -- good and/or bad --, post it below. Or just vote in the new poll.