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Gnome3 from scratch using jhbuild

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It appears that the Gnome3 support on Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10) is going to be mediocre at best, and not existent at worse. Unity seems to be the way they want to push everybody to and I don't like it. After seeing crash after crash and bug after bug, I decided to take the plunge and just build Gnome3 directly from source using Jhbuild. This is not for the feign of heart as it requires a lot of expertise and it can break in lots of ways. (You have been warned.) However, that would play nicely with my opt-portage idea of having self-contained applications using the path /opt/$APP/$version/{bin,share,etc} and using a simple .path_setup script that sets $PATH accordingly.


How to squeeze the most performance from a Linux system?

We have a very specific application that we want to tweak so our response times move from the milliseconds range into the micro or nanoseconds range. How do we achieve that? Tweaking Linux to handle your hardware specifically to your load is the only way to achieve this. When you install a distribution on your server, it comes preconfigured for "generic" tasks. In other words, there is no real optimization done as there is no way to know what your system will end up doing. Are you using multiple CPUs? Are you using more than one network card? Are you doing a lot of I/O to disk? Or is your app running mostly from memory? All of these requirements will be handled differently. This article will attempt to make the tweaking of those settings more understandable and hopefully you will be able to pick and choose the ones that apply to your work load.


Gnome 3 on Ubuntu Oneiric sucks!?

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It appears that after some time of Gnome 3 running from a Ubuntu Oneiric installation, it starts to slow down considerably. Looking at top shows that gnome-shell is taking roughly 10% of the CPU and about 400MB of RAM. Something is terribly wrong. strace -p PID shows that gnome-shell is mostly polling but there is no clear way to see what (if anything) is holding it up. A quick fix is to simply do:

gnome-shell --replace

Ensure that /etc/hosts has localhost defined to a correct loopback IP like and it should go back to normal speed. Let's hope this gets fixed before Ubuntu 11.10 gets released.


Successful Git workflow

I must say this is a very good read about Git branching and workflows. Since I do a lot of development on my own git repos that are not used by anybody else, I tend to just stick to the back origin/master for everything! After reading this, I'm seriously considering to switch to a more professional approach.
Git: a successful branching approach


MacOS X Lion bug: Preview crashes

Came across another bug in MacOS X Lion. If you have a symbolic link for your Downloads directory in your home, Preview (and TextEdit) crashes! This has to be the stupidest thing not to test during QA. Hey Apple, remember MacOS X is based on UNIX!

It turns out that when MacOS X creates a sandbox for Preview, it creates an infinite loop trying to resolve the symbolic link for ~/Downloads from the container directory ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Preview/. So if removing the symbolic link for Downloads does not do the trick, you might need to remove the Container directory for this app altogether.

rm -fr ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Preview