"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

¿Apple MacOS X en Intel hardware?

Ok, todos lo sabemos, MacOS X en un procesador RISC es bastante bueno. Pero, ¿Qué tan bueno fuera verlo en otras arquitecturas? ¿Deberia Apple tomar tiempo para no solo hacer Darwin que corra en x86, sino también Quartz y toda la belleza que tiene MacOS X en términos de infra-estructura (framework)? Bueno, lean éste artículo (inglés) y discutan aquí de por qué sí (o no)... [para traducir los artículos al español, puedes usar The Fish gratis]



How can you tell male from female roaches?
Where is the scientific evidence that roaches might survive radiation (atomic warfare)?
Why do roaches die on their backs?
How do I kill these cockroaches?
These and many other questions are answered here in this
What an interesting topic for those of us who love science!


Tabla de caracteres de HTML

Hay veces que se necesita una referencia para escribir cualquier cosa en HTML. Y mas para nosotros los usuarios de otros idiomas (que no es inglés) que tienen que escribir constantemente caracteres que no forman parte del alfabeto inglés. El siguiente artículo contiene la tabla estándar de HTML, como forma de referencia...


Fortune-MOD new for MacOS X

Fortune-mod if a "Message of the day" utility that does just that: displays a new random message everytime you login to your computer. This is a port of the famous program to MacOS X. You can get the source here and the compiled binary here. For the binary just do "tar -xzvf fortune-mod-2002-01-04-bin.tar.gz" and then go into the fortune-mod-bin-DATE directory and do "make install"; for the source cd into the directory and do "make && make install". After that edit your /etc/bashrc file (for bash users) with a line like:

if [ -x /usr/local/games/fortune -a "$PS1" ]; then
# change the percentage as you please
/usr/local/games/fortune %90 MS-FORTUNES all

Note: This version includes the MS-FORTUNES database that includes insults to the Windowz operating system with lines like "Windows 98 is the most popular virus on the market today." :-)



Linux/*NIX x86 rippin'+encoding+mp3-tagging

Yes, when frustration strikes, one can really come out with decent solutions. Here is my solution for ripping audio CD's, then encoding those songs to MP3 format and then applying the propper names and ID3 tags to them... This is a daunting task that needed a simple tool to do them all... here it's done from the terminal with a single click :-)

[Update: 2002-10-30 10:17 -0500] Discontinued. Use ripperX which is a lot nicer. It also requires some kind of encoder, I recommend that you get "bladeenc" even though it's development has now been dead for some time... Hey it works well still...