"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Happy New Year

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to the Net community! This year was one of the worse ever, but this coming year 2002 is going to be as good as 2001 has been bad (inversely proportional). Congratulations!

Solo queria decir Feliz Nuevo Año a la comunidad del Net! Esta pasado año fue uno de los peores, pero este nuevo año 2002 será tan bueno como el 2001 fue malo (inversamente proporcional). Felicidades!


Burning CD's in Linux

K, this is the deal, you have a SCSI burner that works perfectly in other operating systems but you decided to use Linux and try your best to never ever go back to the ol' operating system for help. Sometimes you come to crossing points where in reality you need to get things done and don't have the time to learn new commands; and you decide that it's just faster to do the dual boot thing and just get it done in a nice GUI ...
This is everything about burning CD's in Linux without having to do the dew :-)
Read on!


Nueva Seccion !!

Una nueva seccion de chismes fue introducida hoy en nuestra comunidad favorita, LatinoMixed.com. En esta seccion veran todo tipo de comentarios acerca de artistas famosos y no tan famosos, novelas, etc... Disfrutenla!!


Microsoft Windows XP as view by RedHat

We have seen it happening before, and we have allowed it to happen again. Microsoft's ultra proprietary practices has slowed down, if not killed, most technologies: from MP3's to media streaming. (Microsoft alledgely degrades decoding and encoding capabilities for other players, but allows full encoding/decoding quality for their own Windows Media Player). This is the date that we still don't have a Linux or any other OS outside MacOS and Solaris, Windows Media Player. In fact, Windows XP is a lot more restrictive on letting the opensource community use it's proprietary Windows Media protocol/format. You can read a lot more about this from RedHat's Opinion article.
"Let's get out of this vicious trap the way we got in: by controlling what we do with our money. If you are already running Microsoft's products, do the sensible thing and BOYCOTT THE MONOPOLIST. Let Microsoft's latest products sit in warehouses until Microsoft comes to their senses and removes all the eXtra Proprietary technologies they've been engineering over the past several years. Wait until Microsoft offers a level playing field to other operating systems, applications, and network service providers.
". There is also this article on Wired Magazine about Windows eXtra Proprietary feature? :-)
Maybe it's just time to emphasize on boycotting Microsoft?


Using IPFW in MacOS X - Mini-HOWTO

This is the situation: you have a Mac running OS X and you are connected to the internet all the time either with ADSL, Dial-up, or T1, T3 or whatever bandwidth you might have... You know that YOUR computer/server can be compromised at any minute, and you want to protect yourself. You could just run out and buy some security software to protect your system (nah...), or you can learn how to use the tools that Apple included with their 'cartoonish' (as MacWorld's Andy I. calls it) new OS.
This article tries to introduce how to get started to protecting your Mac from malicious people (crackers?) willing to do harm to you, your Mac and your life!! It will show you how to setup a simple firewall step by step using Apple's free tool "ipfw"
[Updated: 2001/11/12 by lems1] Fixed an ugly bug that brings the computer to a halt when starting the firewall if the network connection is not active. Included support for RSTP (real player protocol) via UDP and TCP ports 554
[Updated: 2002/12/27 by lems1] Fixed link for downloading the needed files. Get them from our FTP server here