"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

¿Cómo conseguir su ciudadanía?

¿Recuerdan el artículo que publicó LatinoMixed hace
muuucho tiempo? "Para hacerse ciudadano de los Estados
Unidos de América (EE UU), uno tiene que conseguir ciertas
cosas entre ellas [...]" Bueno, aquí está esa
información para aquellos que la necesitan. Dale a MORE
abajo para seguir leyendo.


Look ma, FTP made easy!

Wow! From now on users will be able to access all downloads from ftp.latinomixed.com (anonymous login). We setup this anonymous ftp server to help our users get whatever software we published, or any of the goodies opensource software that we use, problems free!:

This is what's there so far:

All the stuff you usually got from www.latinomixed.com/downloads and from www.latinomixed.com/iso


Linux RPM's

and more to come...


NOTE: Please use this server wisely or else we will shut it down!

[2004-03-06 11:14] Ftp server shutdown for good. Got tired of people trying to break into it


VIM 6.0

Wow! After waiting for almost a year, ViM 6.0 (final) is finally out! Check the description here. Binaries should be all over by the time you read this :-)

ViM is not just for *NIX, you could get a binary for basically all major operating systems, and even for obscure operating systems too :-)


Apple's MacOS X Upgrade coming today!

Many will agree that the present version of OS X/Darwin suck! The OS itself it's elegant, but the performance on older 'newer world' computers is somewhat, or a lot, slower than MacOS 9 used to be on the same hardware. Now, OS X 10.1 is supposed to be the first step towards closing that gap in speed... Let's hope this is true. For those of you who already own OS X, you can get an upgrade automatically when you boot your MacOS X computers today (or tomorrow because servers might be too busy). I want mine now! Cnet has a nice article explaining more here.


phpWebLogger 1.6b9 released!

Yes, phpWebLogger new release is finally out! Lots of bug fixes, plus other features as: file upload to logs...

You can always get the latest CVS from SourceForge.net; for now, go get the source!

Try it (user: guest; password: guest)!