"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

How do I know this is SPAM?

So say you get spam e-mails from a source and your mail user agent (MUA) tells you this is junk but you don't believe it.

How do you go about analyzing if an email is legit or not? What forensics techniques can you actually use?

junk mail: Mail.app headers


Ubuntu's Unity #fail

Ok, I tried giving Ubuntu Unity the "benefit of the doubt" and used it for about a month. That was a long time of me trying to make things work in a sane way.

A few things are clear to me now:

  1. Unity is not a MacOS X replacement
  2. Gnome3 looks sexier than ever
  3. Ubuntu should not enable this by default to users

Out of the 3 or 4 machines that I'm using Ubuntu Natty from, only 1 worked correctly with Unity. The other 3 had weird driver issues that make the display unusable, even if you go back to "Ubuntu Classic" -- so it's not Unity's entire fault.

Unity feels very awkward on a desktop system. I do not see how they think that having to use a mouse to click all the way in the menu bar is a good choice to say, File -> Save or any other menu that you are used to click on. Granted, the more mnemonics/shortcuts you know, the least you have to use the mouse and disrupt your workflow. However, it sometimes comes down to the familiarity of the OS and the expectations that things will work in a certain way no matter which program you are using.

The Mac gets this right by forcing everybody to adhere to their set of UI guidelines. Mac users tend to expect those widgets, menus and other functions to be present and to work correctly without having to think much about them. I believe that Unity deviates too much from this sense of a "spatial" interface where things have a physical property that feels static, inherent to the way the computer works. Unity feels like a complete disarray.

That said, it's now time for me to jump back to familiar ground and switch to Gnome3 from the Gnome3-team PPA. Transitioning from Gnome2 to Gnome3 should be less painful than from Gnome2 to Unity (or Mac to Unity for that matter. Though I'm not entirely sure that Canonical is aiming to actually get Mac users to convert, not just Windows users -- which is a complete and utterly terrible UI on its own).


Ubuntu Natty on OQO model 02

So after so much love from my OQO model 02, the internal hard disk drive finally gave out. Luckily I had another OQO laying around from which I could extract parts. Yeah, OQO.com clearly states that the company went out of business on 2009, so we are pretty much on our own.

However, there is no need to despair just yet. With the exception of the (infamous) batteries the OQO is a well behaved hardware.

I had to take apart my OQO with a very small torx screw driver. Replacing the drive was a breeze. I went from a Hitachi to a Toshiba from a newer OQO. Hopefully that will last a bit longer.

HDD Specs:

  • mini SATA ribbon connector
  • 4200 RPM
  • 60G
  • 3.3v .5 A
  • 2.5" x 2" (?)

After the drive was replaced it was time to install Ubuntu Natty 11.04


Años jugando ajedrez...

Años jugando ajedrez me han mostrado la importancia en el desarrollo de tácticas y en el uso de la eficiencia. El tiempo es quizás nuestro mayor tesoro, y pensar claramente antes de actuar tiende a ahorrarnos tiempo.
El movimiento empezado por el gobierno de Armenia a impartir clases de ajedrez en las escuelas es algo que debería ser emulado por todos los países del mundo.


Dormir es una necesidad