"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Google Maps Instructions from China to Taiwan

Just saw the illest twitter post from @OMGFacts saying to go to google maps and ask for directions from China to Taiwan and look at instruction #55. This is hilarious!

"Swim across the pacific ocean 168km"


Google Maps asks to swim 168km through the pacific


Facebook "go vote" reminder

Facebook released the results of their voting applet during election day. This of course is very biased and it does not mean anything per se, at least not to me. However, the analysis is good and well versed and this particular graph is interesting:

Probability of voting yourself

Essentially it shows that the higher the number of your friends who voted, the higher the likelihood that you will vote yourself. Oxymoron? Probably, but I still think this is good and Facebook should do more of these services :-)

How about one for the upcoming Flu Season? Well, Google already does something similar for virus; but, Facebook might actually be real people (or at least people you know).


Steve Ballmer sells 12 percent stake of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer sells 12%
Well, one day we see a news story about Microsoft being a dying brand, and the next day you see that Steve Ballmer sold 12% of his stocks on Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT $26.85 as of this writing). He claims this is because of personal reasons citing taxes. My gut feeling is that he wants to realize some loses for this year's taxes, and be ready to run for the door next year.


GDM themes fix

On Ubuntu the newer version of GDM uses the Gconf settings of the "gdm" user to change the greeter (as explained in the documentation for gdm-2.32 and up)

This means that to really reset the gdm themes you need to do something like this:

rm -fr /var/lib/gdm/.[a-zA-Z]*
exec sudo restart gdm


Trying a new keyboard

An x-co-worker of mine left me this funky looking keyboard for me to take for a spin for a few days. I think I'm liking it already. I can't type as fast as with a normal ergonomic Microsoft 4000 keyboard, but I'll get there soon.

classic kinesis keyboard 1
classic kinesis keyboard 2