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Serial Port for iPad?

iPad serial port hack

With this hack you can actually use your iPad for some Cisco configuration (or to manage those pesky Sun servers) Not bad at all.

See the rest of the pictures from this link.


OQO erratic mouse on Ubuntu Maverick

After struggling to understand why my mouse would act erratically after putting my OQO to hibernate or suspend to RAM (s3), I finally came across this bug which suggested a problem when the wireless driver was loaded.

OQO Model 02

The fix was simple:

  1. First ensure you have acpi-tools and swsusp installed: sudo apt-get install acpi-support swsusp
  2. Then edit /etc/default/acpi-support with this: ... MODULES="ppp_async ath5k psmouse" MODULES_WHITELIST=""

ppp_async fixes wireless 3G problems too!


Using MySQL as a NoSQL - A story for exceeding 750,000 qps on a commodity server

Con tanta atención hacia dejar de usar mysql como forma de guardar datos en los servidores, nos hemos olvidado de simplmente optimizar algo que ya funciona bien. Yoshinori Matsunobu escribe cómo hacer 750 mil pedidos a mysql sin necesidad de cambiar InnoDB.
Muy buen artículo.


OpenLDAP and db binary compatibility

Well it's not very clear to me that you cannot simply take an OpenLDAP server database from server A and copy all the data to server B unless:both servers have the same architectureservers have at least 1G of RAMpermissions are accounted for in /var/lib/ldap as well as newer cn=config's directory /etc/ldap/slapd.dIt's perhaps easier to use slapcat to dump the content and re-import, than to try to tarball the whole directory and move it over.Lesson learned ;-)


Firefox 4.0b4 crashed!

Apparently crashing the new Firefox 4.0b4 is as simple as:Open Quicktime video on browserplaybammm!Now that was easy wasn't it?The problem should be fixed before Firefox 4 is released, especially since tabs are supposed to be running on separate processes and should not bring the whole browser down when there is a plugin crash.My suspicion is that Firefox allowed the Quicktime plugin to cross some memory boundary causing a segfault exception to be raised. Go figured... The bug was already reported using the Crash Reporter utility.