"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Gnome 3 and Persona i.e. Addressbook

If you are using Gnome 3 and get a warning like the following:
(gnome-shell:18607): folks-WARNING **: Failed to find primary PersonaStore with type ID 'eds' and ID 'system'.

Individuals will not be linked properly and creating new links between Personas will not work.

The configured primary PersonaStore's backend may not be installed. 
If you are unsure, check with your distribution.

Just be sure to set your default address book storage by opening the AddressBook gnome application, choosing something like "Local..." and hit save. After that the annoying warning goes away from ~/.xsession-errors


Firefox 13 about:newtab

If like me you're awfully annoyed by the new feature in Firefox version 13 that when opening a new tab shows thumbnails from your browsing history, do not despair. This is how you can make that a lot more useful by either setting it back to blank, or your favorite URL:

  1. in the URL type about:config
  2. promise that you will be careful
  3. search for about:newtab
  4. double-click on the entry to modify it
  5. set it to about:blank or your favorite URL like kiskeyix.org

Perhaps one day this feature will be more useful and you might like to reset this setting back to its default, but at the moment is simply uselessly annoying.


LinkedIn hacked

linkedin logo
I get from this blog post (and this update) that about 6.5 million LinkedIn accounts were posted online and the passwords were simply hash'd without using a salt. Judging by this, it's perhaps time to close LinkedIn altogether as not knowing that passwords need to be encrypted and not simply hash'd seems to me like a sign of how weak their infrastructure is.


Mi [segunda] madre ha muerto

"Como mi madre, no existe alguna" dice la canción "El buen pastor" interpretada por Raphy Leavitt.

Siempre estuve convencido que eso no era cierto porque tuve la dicha de conocer otra con tan buen corazón como el de mi misma madre, Damaris Quezada.

La conocíamos como "Mamu", o como le llamaban mis hermanas "mamuchi". Feb 7 del 2012. Trae memorias tan frescas de mi propia madre quien fallece en Feb del 2010.

Ciertamente una gran pérdida para todo el mundo. Tanta bondad en una mirada tan tierna.


Hamlet - Todo por nada (sencillo)

First song by Hamlet ("de acero") from the new single "Salsita Bonita". Please provide feedback below.

Español: Primera canción por Hamlet ("de acero") de su nuevo sencillo "Salsita Bonita". Por favor provean sus comentarios.

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