"Amigos y nadie más. El resto, la selva"
-- Jorge Guillén

Aronian steamrolling through Tata Steel Chess 2012

Levon Aronian

Aronian won yet again in Tata Steel Chess 2012 against Giri (Aronian's commentary video). I, and a lot of folks, thought that Magnus would be setting the record straight this year as well, but no. Giri tasted the raw power of Aronian's play -- Giri even tried to play Aronian's own game against him! Really strong game. Replay the game. Do not forget to check Giri's own commentary about the 3rd lost in a row.


Chess section is back

After a very looooong pause I decided to put the Chess section back into the site, but this time it won't be about "teaching" chess for novices. This will be more of a chess blog. I posted 1 game for now that I played against the computer under Linux. It will be expanded later. Chess at Kiskeyix

By the way, I'm using JChess by Ben Marini -- a Jquery plugin for displaying pgn chess games. Using jquery and Ruby is delightful :).


No to internet censorship: PIPA & SOPA

Already contacted both of my senators and house representative on the subject of internet privacy laws PIPA and SOPA.

  1. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/
  2. Lookup your congressman/senator representatives via zipcode
  3. go to contact form/twitter/phone

This is the message I typed:

The legislation for PIPA and SOPA must be changed before they are passed as laws. As currently written, they impaired the freedom of the internet. This will throw us back 40 or 50 years of knowledge sharing and advancements in technology.


My FICS is back

FICS is back! After many many many years without playing chess through FICS, I was able to recover my account!! This I opened in 1998 during my college years, and when I knew practically nothing of chess. If you are a chess player who happens to also play online, you can challenge me for a match by using my handle lems.


Btrfs burned baby burned!

Well, it only took about 6 months but Btrfs burned me badly. It turns out(Btrfs wiki) that simple copying/rename operations can leave you with zero-length file sizes if your system crash (or you loose power or your disk is buggy).

Even doing btrfsck left my filesystem in bad shape. And now I have no idea which files are corrupted or when did I loose them... what a bad situation. Luckily I have enough backups to figure it out.

Back to XFS, the best file system and only champion.